Turn your blog into a podcast.

Create high-quality audio versions of your WordPress blog posts,
complete with custom introductions or sponsorship messages.

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Speechy is a Premium WordPress plugin that uses the world’s best text-to-speech software, Amazon Polly,
to automatically create MP3 versions of your blog posts. No AWS account, configuration or hosting required.
We convert, host and deliver your MP3 files the simple way!

Why should you use Speechy?

Say hi to your listeners!

Like with podcasts, you can welcome your listeners to your blog as a part of every audio blog post. Before converting your post to audio, you can add a text or pre-recorded audio introduction for your post, blog or even yourself. This will be added to the main audio file and played before the audio blog post.

Monetize your posts and thank your sponsors

In true podcast style, you can also add a special thank you message to your sponsors or give special offers to your listeners, like by sharing your affiliate code, before your audio post begins.

Make it personal

You can personalize your audio player with a logo and background image of your choice. Yes, we know how know important it is to keep your blog elements consistent, and we’ve got your back.

Get premium Speechy support

Need some help? No problem at all. Just drop us a word via chat or email if you need anything, and we will get in touch with you right away!

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How does Speechy work?

1. Install and activate the plugin

Download the plugin, install it from the dashboard of your site and activate it. After Speechy is activated, you can sign up on the settings page.

2. Sign up on Speechy.

When you sign up, a bucket will be created for you on Amazon Cloud to safely host all your MP3 files. You will also be given your credentials. Simply copy/paste them into the plugin settings. Your blog will be all ready to convert posts to an MP3 version!

3. Select a voice and language.

Pick your favourite voice and preferred language on the settings or the edit post page. Every post or update on your blog will now have an MP3 version available for your visitors to listen to.

After an audio version has been created, an MP3 player will appear at the top of that blog post. Your readers can either press play to listen or choose to download the MP3 on their computer or phone.

Speechy player examples:

Johanna - female - US English

Bryan - male - UK English


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1 Monthly MP3 conversions: The amount of MP3 conversions that you can do every month. Each time you create or update a post, it will be converted to an MP3 file. For example, if you create a post and update it 3 times, it will count as 4 conversions.
2 Monthly MP3 streamed: Each time a visitor clicks "play" on the MP3 player, it will count as 1 stream.
3 MP3 files hosted on Amazon Cloud: All of your MP3 files will be hosted in a bucket created for you on Amazon Cloud. We will take care of the bandwidth for you.
4 Audio teaser/presentation to the Mp3 file: Before converting your content into MP3, you can add a text or an MP3 file to it that will be prepended to the main audio file. It can be you presenting your blog or the subject of the post.
5 Monetization: Works as the teaser/presentation.